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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Vega Sport Bars Review

Well I thought I would dust off my blog after a 9-month hiatus.  And what better topic to write about than Vega Sport bars.  I know what you're thinking, "Oh yeah, another bar".  You've already tried 300 different kinds, protein, fiber, cricket powder, they're all the same, they taste like cardboard, etc. etc.  I thought the same thing.  But Vega bars are different.  First, they are vegan. Secondly, they taste amazing!  Think chewy, moist brownie.  I had the pleasure of trying the chocolate coconut almond flavor.  Yum!!! Truth be told, I only got one out of the entire box of 12.  My volleyball-playing, just-discovered running daughter ate the rest.  "Mom, can we get more of these" Vega Sport bars are great for refueling after a workout or as a healthy snack when you're a busy on-the-go Mom like me!

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